Saturday, January 19, 2008

happy saturday!

this week went by exceptionally fast...i can't believe its already saturday!

my week was full of anything and anything other than reading. if you read my previous post, i explained that i was taking the week to have reading deprivation. so, i guess it went ok. i caught myself reading things like my old journal entries just so i could read something. other than that, i got a lot more housework done, went to lunch with friends, got a pedicure and shopped for accessories for myself (smile) and my new home.

my thoughts did clear as i had no extra info to think of or process. i didn't watch tv either. so, i was writing more when i had ideas, i felt as though i was able to be more creative and even planned more creative things to do next week. it will, of course include reading---one week is enough. although, i haven't started reading chapter 5, so, hopefully, she doesn't make the reader (me) give up any more reading.

it is definitely also great to be able to get back to my blog reading--my inbox was crazy full! but i devoured each article like a starving animal. i was so excited to read the posts and write some comments. i love beauty and fashion blogs, so i need to start making lists as new product lines have been launched and there are so many i want to try. this spring is going to be fun, as usual. florals, pinks purples, lush, flowy fabrics--so fun!

so, i'll continue on my creative path and i hope you have a great weekend!


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