Wednesday, January 23, 2008

taking time for yourself...

it is very well known that when you take care of yourself you feel better overall. i like to take time to do something everyday. for 30 minutes or an hour, it's me time. reading my glamour or harper's bazaar, doing some yoga, making myself a cup of tea and listening to music, all these things bring me a sense of peace and enjoyment. it gives me a chance to "re-boot", a chance to refresh and appreciate myself. i mean how often do you thank yourself? how often do you buy a new product "just because"?

if you cannot take time everyday, schedule an hour for yourself each week. make it something you've been wanting to do but keep putting off. get a pedicure, read a couple of chapters of that book you started, whatever, just do it, enjoy it and most of all don't feel guilty about it! you will be more beautiful for it. :)


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