Thursday, January 31, 2008

this ONE is not for me...

dolce and gabbana are celebrated designers who, rather than desiging seasonal trends, create timeless, contemporary luxury with mediterranean tradition. they are known also for out-of-the-box, and sometimes controversial, advertising.

i happened upon a sample of perfume that i received a few weeks ago when i had made another perfume purchase. that sample was dolce and gabbana's the one. the beautiful giselle is the model in the ad that, to me, depicts a confident, sexy fragrance.

when i first put it on it was very strong, almost heavy smelling. it smelled warm, soft and musky. not usually my cup of tea, but i knew it would change with the warmth of my body. i imagined that the woman who might wear this would be very confident, on the dominant side and very aware of her own presence. after a few hours, it was still warm and musky, but it also smelled sweet. hmmm... i'm not a nose, but it smelled almost like vanilla. and the woman became one of a more, how should i say this, um, mature age...

i looked up the fragrance this morning to get the true scent description. to my suprise, i was on the right track. the product description was warm, oriental-floral with modern sentuality. a fragrance that has a strong personality with a contrasting golden sweetness. notes include bergmont and manderin at the top, with fruits and florals in the middle and the warmth of vanilla and amber-musk at the base.

so, my final verdict? not for me. i know that stronger orientals, like the one are great for fall and winter, but i foud that i was too strong of a scent for me. hubby didn't like it either ("it smells like am old lady"), so that sealed the deal.

of course, i can only speak for myself in regards to fragrance since every scent reacts differently on each individual.

so, go out and try it. it just might be the one for you.


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