Friday, February 1, 2008

it's so hard to say goodbye...

"parting is such sweet sorrow"...all good things must come to an end"..."don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened"...

it is never easy to say goodbye. but, eventually, all things must end.

i'm not talking about me...i'm talking about cosmetic lines!

as the spring season approaches, new, and i must say, exciting, products are being introduced to the public. so, with that comes the inevitable end to many products. sad, yes, i know....
especially if something you love is being discontinued. there is nothing more disheartening then to find out your favorite lip color is a thing of the past or a beloved mascara will cease to exsist.

but don't let that keep you from discovering a new favorite! that is the best part about being a girl. we get to reinvent, rediscover and rejuvinate ourselves anytime we want. new seasons inspire this the most. i love a new eyeshadow or lipgloss. who am i kidding? i love anything new that helps me look and feel fabulous! that is what cosmetics are for, right?

here are just a few websites that are saying farwell to their products...

**estee lauder
**bobbi brown


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