Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday musings...

so last night i went to my massage therapist for my monthly massage, and, let me tell you, i needed it! i've been feeling stressed lately, and really i don't know why. do you ever experience this? a feeling that something isn't right. and it's not your mind that is telling you, it's your body. for me, it's tightness in my upper shoulders, back and hips. my yoga practice has been a help for this, but i just couldn't shake the tension. the massage helped tremendously! i slept so well, and woke up refreshed. massages are so great for relaxation, but there are also so many other benefits. can't wait until next month... :)

today, i went to Nordstrom, and picked up some cologne samples for hubby. he has seen me trying out new fragrances, and i think he is felling left out! no, seriously, he doesn't have a scent he wears except his deodorant. so, i'll have to report on how that goes...

bought some new make up today, can't wait to try them all! i'm also planning on going out to find some new favorite jeans--i'll document my journey because you know it takes an eternity for a woman to find great fitting jeans! believe me, when i find them, i'm buying like 3 pair! really there is nothing wrong with the ones i have now, but i've had and worn them long enough, and if i plan to keep them, they are going to need a rest. :)


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