Thursday, February 14, 2008

time saving tips

i'm a mom, and i refuse to go out of the house looking the way i looked when i woke up. no one would want to see that either, i'm sure! so, i've have a plan that streamlines my morning routine for those mornings that seem to be short in the time department.

unfortunately, in today's world, everyone is crunched for time, and finding effective shortcuts to save precious minutes are worth their weight in gold. planning ahead the night before, which can seem time consuming, saves many a panicked morning when the alarm clock doesn't go off, or you hit the snooze button one (or 3 or 5) too many times. i know, from experience, that having a "plan of action" not only saves me time, but also saves me the worry and stress that comes when your in a rush. having this plan is amazing tool that anyone can use. so, here are some tips to save you time each day with your wardrobe, make-up and hair, any time of day.

**organize your closet: do you have clothes all over the place? shoes under the bed, skirts thrown over chairs? having an organinzed closet-- shirts, jeans, dresses and other like-pieces hung together-- will help you find that navy pencil skirt when you need it.
**plan what you will wear: no, we are not children, but planning what you will wear the next day, especially the night before, will be of help on time-crunched mornings. planning ahead for as many occasions as possible will also help in those "worst-case-senario" or "i'm-running-late" situations. don't forget shoes, accessories and the bag you will wear.

**organize: like your closet, having your make-up organized will save you time. keeping similar products together will help you to find everything when you need it.

**use multi-purpose products: powder foundations, tinted moisturizers, cheek/lip stains, bronzers and all-over face colors can be used for more than just one area of the face. using your blush to wash color over your eyes works beautifully in a pinch.

**keep it simple: paring down your routine, and using fabulous products, will save time because you are only using what is absolutely necessary to help you look your best. Carmindy has written a great book to give you the tips, tricks and products you need.

**"power up" your blow dryer: use a hair dryer with at least 1800 watts to help dry your hair faster.

**skip the wash: if your tight on time and can't wash your hair, try a dry shampoo. these innovative products give you the option to skip a day (or two)of traditional washing and still refresh your tresses.

**let your hair air dry: letting most of the moisture dry out of your hair will save you the time (and energy) from blowing out your hair from soaking wet.

time is of the essence, as they say, so make each moment count. saving time in other areas of you life can also be valuble. check out some of these resources:

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Smirking Cat said...

I'd love one of those ion dryers that are supposed to dry your hair faster. My hair is fine but ridiculously thick, so it never has any body but takes FOREVER to dry! I always pick out my clothes the night before; a habit I never lost from getting ready for school!