Wednesday, April 2, 2008

dressing like a celebrity mom

a little fun for your wednesday!

i found this funny "how to" on and had to share! this is fun, and it's so simple. take a tip (or all 7), and incorporate them to make yourself feel a little more chic and fabulous, even if you're not a mom. :)

Step 1:
Wear oversize sunglasses. Celebrity moms wear them to pass unnoticed by bystanders whenever possible. Add them to your look for a fashionable statement and to feel more like a celeb.

Step 2:
Invest in stylish dark-colored denim jeans, as most celebrity moms wear designer jeans for their casual strolls and shopping trips. Visit celebrity gossip sites such as the celebrity moms blog on blogspot to see recent pics of celeb moms and their cute clothes.

Step 3:
Pair baby doll tops, oversized shawls and trendy shirts with your stylish denim jeans. Keep an eye on fashion magazines to see what's hot and trendy.

Step 4:
Finish the look with the season's best footwear--generally, fashionable boots in the winter and strappy sandal heels in the warmer months.

Step 5:
Accessorize with floppy hats, sashes and belts and jewelry, especially real diamonds and classy settings. A little bling never hurt the celebrity mom look.

Step 6:
Carry a large cup of coffee, preferably from Starbucks or another brand-name coffee shop.

Step 7:
Make sure your tots are well-dressed too. Find cute designer duds for kids from baby boutiques or mimic the look with your own fashion sense applied to the kids' wardrobes.

i could add a few more tips myself, but i think this is a great place to start. looking fabulous everyday should be something that you want to do, not a chore. so don't take everything so seriously, and let yourself shine through! have fun and be fabulous!


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