Monday, March 31, 2008

review: Boots No. 7 Maximum Volume Mascara

They say: This volumizing mascara thickens and perfectly separates lashes to build maximum smudge-proof volume. Your lashes will look an amazing 4 times thicker. Pro-vitamin B5 conditions the lashes.

well...i beg to differ.

let me first say mascara is a staple in my train case. i have only four or five in there right now, but i have tried dozens over the years. i was always a "lengthening formula" girl, since i have naturally thick lashes. they aren't short, but i always admired super-long lashes. it wasn't until i tried Covergirl's Lash Blast mascara earlier this year, that i fell in love with volumizing mascara.

i've tried Boots lipglosses and i really like their eyeshadow palettes, so when i found out that they also had a volumizing mascara, i jumped at the chance to try it. i was given a bonus set that included the mascara and an Amazing Eyes Pencil that has a smudger on the opposite end.

while i do agree that the Maximum Volume Mascara perfectly separates, this mascara really just didn't make me say "wow". when i applied the first coat, it didn't look like i was applying a "volumizing" mascara. it was more of a darkening of my lashes. it took three coats of this black mascara to get my lashes looking like i had anything on them. yes, really, three. and 4x thickening? not even close. i'm sad to say this product didn't deliver. if it were labeled as a basic mascara without promising to build lashes to their "maximum", it would be perfect. it lasted without smudging and kept my lashes soft.

like i said before, i enjoy Boots products, they have an amazing line of cosmetics as well as natural skin care, hair and body products. this mascara just isn't one i'll use. well, at least not as a volumizing mascara.

Boots No. 7 Maximum Volum Mascara is available in black, brown/black and navy. it's also available in a waterproof formula.


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sapphire_star said...

I found your site when I was doing a search on Google for this mascara so I could tell people about it. I was surprised by your review- I thought it worked really well and I took a couple of pictures with it on if you want to see- but I don't want to post them in such a public way so is it ok if I email them to you?