Friday, April 18, 2008

everyday spring accessories

i've been talking alot about spring, for obvious reasons, but the days are getting warmer and summer will be here in no time. i am so inspired by all of the colors and fascinated bey the textures and shapes that the season brings.

but what about everyday, lets-be-simple-but-still-chic days? you know, those days you really would rather stay in you pajamas? i admit, i have days like that occasionally, but since i would never leave my house in them, adding a fun accessory, like wearing a new lip gloss, always puts me in a great mood.

below are some examples of accessories you can add to your simple skirt/blouse or jeans/t-shirt (if it's not too hot) ensemble:

a beautiful everyday watch can add a bit of sparkle and pizazz...not to mention, it will keep you on time!

i have always loved big, chunky cocktail rings. adding something like this makes others take notice. and why wouldn't it? they're fabulous!

sunglasses are never out of style! protect your eyes and give yourself a bit of mystery. having two (or three or five) pair of chic shades always finishes a look fantastically.

a wristlet is a great alternative to a big bag especially when you are running everyday errands and just need a few essentials to carry.

these are only a few things to add fun and flair to your daily look. what do you add to an ensemble to show off your personality? is it a new hair accessory? a chunky necklace? what about a bright pair of sandals? share with me! i'd love to know!

as always, have fun and be fabulous!!


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Jennifer said...

Hey Monique!
Love the wristlet...I was thinking about something lightweight that I could stuff the essentials in! Thanks for this!
BTW I have to mention that you've been tagged by Christine and myself! : )
I can't wait to see your answers!