Friday, April 25, 2008

finding frames for your face shape

so yesterday, i took my baby girl (well, she's not exactly a baby, she'll be 8 in two weeks) for an eye exam. she is almost completely near-sighted, so she needs glasses for school.

she wasn't too surprised, since we had been talking about the trouble she was having seeing the board at school, and i took her earlier this week to try on frames. it was all to "real" to her when the doc told her the news. but she has nothing to worry about. she has me for a mom, and i will make sure she looks her best.

first off is finding the best shape to flatter her face shape. she is an oval, like me, so really, she could wear any shape she wants.

but what if she were another face shape? what frame shape would i look for?

well, the answer is fairly simple: the best frames for your face shape should help to create a balance, so they would typically be the opposite of your shape to achieve this.

oblong -- pick a curved or rounded style to emphasize the width of your face rather than the depth.
round -- squared or angled frames will help sharpen your features, and make your face appear to be longer and thinner.
triangular (sometimes referred to as heart shaped) -- aviator and geometric styles can add width to the lower part of the face.
square -- look for rounded, cat-eyed, or oval styles to soften the shape of your face.
rectangular -- curved or rounded styles will make your face appear wider.
oval -- most styles look good on oval faces, so try either geometric or rounded frames.

when choosing frames, consider their overall size, which should be in proportion to the size of your face. frames that are too large or too small do not flatter, not matter what style they are. make sure the frames fit properly. your pupils should fall in the center of the lenses, and frames shouldn't move around on your face when you smile. if you prefer colored frames, pick a shade that complements your hair and skin tones. above all, choose a frame that you like and that reflects your style and personality!

can't wait to see my girl in her new specs...

have fun and be fabulous!


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Beauty Tyrant said...

Hey Monique

I love glasses. I used to wear a pair without power in the lens, just for the look when I wanna put on a 'serious' face during important meetings :)

Thanks for the Total Beauty roll call