Thursday, April 10, 2008

finding your perfect pair

if you are a living, breathing, woman, jeans are a staple of your wardrobe. and for some of you, more than a staple- a necessity or obsession.

while i am a girly dress-wearing girl, i personally find jeans to be the perfect piece to dress up or dress down. i love that they are available in so many styles and cuts, so every woman will find her perfect pair.

but let's be honest: finding the perfect pair is hard! but fear not, because i'm going to share with you the best styles for your figure:

body type: boyish & apple-shaped women can be concerned by unflattering cuts of denim that cause belly rolls.
perfect pair: boot-cuts balance out bigger stomachs without adding to the bulge. avoid low-rise jeans which accentuate tummy troubles.

body type: tall women are often short on choices when it comes to flattering denims.
perfect pair: wide-legged jeans look great and offer a superb shape to longer legs. avoid capri and flared jeans as they tend to look silly on longer legs.

body type: petite gals often worry about being overwhelmed by baggy jeans, and rightfully so.
perfect pair: straight-legged jeans look best on shorter individuals. avoid boot-cut or cuffed jeans as these styles make short legs look stumpy.

body type: flat-bottomed girls often worry about the way they look in their jeans. the unforgiving denim fabric can leave nothing to the imagination especially if there already isn't anything there.
perfect pair: jeans with flap pockets will give small-bottomed wearers the illusion of a bigger backside. avoid jeans with small or no back pockets .

body type: boyish figures find certain types of jeans unflattering because they can accentuate the fact that there is little differentiation between the wearer's bust, waist, and hips.
perfect pair: skinny jeans adhere closely to the body and make calves and hips look wider (in a good way) and are flattering to boyish, rectangular figures.

body type: pear-shaped women have a tough time finding jeans that fit their rear and still look good. the wrong jeans can visually pack pounds onto pear-shaped women.
perfect pair: flared jeans create continuous curves that are flattering to larger rears. avoid decorated denims and large pockets.

body type: plus-sized women feel frustrated when most jeans aren't flattering or don't fit.
perfect pair: plus-sized jeans have measurements that have been specifically designed to flatter the proportions of larger women, with ample room for the assets of the wearer, a higher rise, which means extra weight found at the back and tummy will be covered and a wider waistband is more flattering for those who may also carry weight around the middle.

i truly hope that this will help you on your next denim shopping trip! i know that shopping for jeans can be frustrating. just know this: jeans can be altered. when you find the size that fits you best at the bigest or widest parts of your body, having alterations done in the other areas will make them fit you perfectly (this includes the length, so bring the type of shoe you'll wear with your jeans). the tailor is your friend, and by having your jeans, or any of your clothes for that matter, alterd to fit you, not only will they fit the best, but you will look your best!

have fun and be fabulous!


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