Friday, April 11, 2008

gifts for mom

mother's day is may 11th! it is the one day a year that mothers are celebrated for their efforts, the love they show and sacrifices they make. if you have a mom or are a mom yourself, it is the day that you can pamper and/or be pampered.

Sephora (who else?) has great ideas for the big day! they have categorized the "types" of moms, so finding the perfect gift should be a no-brainer. the sophisticate, the earth mother, the rock star and the glam mom are all profiled, and i will share the ideas and looks with you.

first up, the sophisticate:

she's cultured. she's wise. she knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it—and believe us, she gets it. a connoisseur of all things pretty, she can wax poetic about the best lotions and potions—starting with these beauties, each worthy of her super-seasoned standards.

for the sophisticated mom, it's important to focus on details. simple, fresh and oh-so-classy.

check our this video to see the look, then scroll down for fabulous gift ideas:

Marc Jacobs Perfume to Go
this scent is classic, luxurious, and comfortingly feminine. it is both sensuous and uncomplicated, complementing the wearer without overwhelming her, and comes in a take anywhere size.

Hourglass Color Link Palette
this Color Link Palette offer six eye shadows and two blushes in rich, luxurious colors and textures- providing all the tools necessary to create a number of beautiful looks.

Laura Mercier French Vanilla Bath & Body Collection
this collection emanates pure tahitian and bourbon vanilla aromas. velvety caramel notes and luscious kadota fig blend perfectly with creamy sandalwood and smooth amber for an enchanting and alluring experience, leaving skin soft and feeling fresh.

Shu Uemura False Eylashes
an indulgence for the lashes! momentarily transforms your lashes to stimulate your creativity and dramatize your look.

here's to fabulous, sophisticated moms!


source: sephora

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