Thursday, April 24, 2008

lauren conrad: back to long hair

i confess that i am a fan of long hair. i have had long hair most of my life, and i can count on one hand when my hair was cut at my shoulders or shorter.

while i know that short styles are very chic right now, there are still those of us who find longer tresses uber-feminine and the only look we can see ourselves in right now (currently, my long layered style hits at the middle of my back).

Lauren Conrad of The Hills, recently took on a change: a shorter, more mature style. it suited her, i thought, not too short and definitely chic.
but she thought different. the shorter 'do didn't last very long.

"bets were going on how long i would be able to go with short hair!" she tells Us Magazine. she showed off her extensions at the Warren Tricomi Salon & Redken launch party wednesday in L.A. "i had separation anxiety — i missed my hair!" she tells Us. "i don't feel girly without long hair! there is something so sexy about having long blonde hair," she adds. "it's so feminine."

now, while i agree with the part about long hair being feminine (and if you have short hair, believe me when i say it doesn't mean you're not feminine), but i have to disagree on the blonde part...for obvious reasons. :)

but really, hair color--and hair length for that matter-- isn't an issue. Lauren felt more comfortable with long hair, so she got extensions. if you like yourself in a certain style, go with it. maybe even try variations of that particular style, so you can always look fresh and up-to-date. but regardless of what i think, if you have a fabulous color and style that suits you, you'll look and feel your best. and that is always sexy.

have fun and be fabulous!


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