Monday, April 7, 2008

review: Mary Kay Satin Lips

i am fanatical about having to have soft lips. hubby loves them, and the last thing he should have to feel is dry, flaky lips! so in an effort to keep them smooth and supple, i apply gloss and balms religiously. it's really become second-nature. i apply a balm before i go to bed and when i wake up. i apply lipgloss in the car, at home cooking or doing laundry (which really makes a girl feel a little more glamorous even if what she's doing isn't). you name the time, and at some point i'm sure i'm applying something.

Mary Kay's Satin Lips is a two-step set featuring a lip mask and a lip balm. the mask, applied first, exfoliates dry skin away and the balm moisturizes, leaving your lips feeling satin-y smooth. it's a great product to have on hand when you notice that your lipstick isn't sitting nicely on your lips, or they are looking (or feeling) dry and looking dull. i like to do this while i catch up on my favorite tv shows or while i'm reading. both tubes are the perfect size for travel, and they fit right into your makeup bag or purse. this is a treat for your lips that can be used anytime, day or night. i love it!

sometimes the best things in life come in smallest packages...


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