Thursday, April 3, 2008

timesaver: Nic's Sticks

ever wish there was an easier way to do your nails? want to be able to "paint and go"? do you want the color to dry quickly and be long-lasting?

of course you do! no one always has the time to go to the nail salon or sit down to polish their nails. enter Nic's Stick's part of the Nicole by OPI line. tthis ultimate time saver was discovered on a much needed shopping trip. i was surprised by the concept, but was intrigued at the idea of having a truly portable nail color. i mean yes, you can take your own nail polish with you where you want to go, but there is always the issue of finding a flat surface to put the bottle on or the possibility of dropping the bottle. nail polish isn't easy to keep in your purse at all times, let's face it. so, having a product like this is fabulous!

the color is in the pen, so you shake it gently as with typical nail polish, and apply it after pumping the color onto the brush. and applying is easy and quick, just pump the color button and brush the color onto your nails. it is thinner than traditional polishes, so darker colors may require three coats. the color dries in about a minute. really! it's super quick and that is super convenient! throw the pen in your purse for easy on-the-go touch-ups.

my manicure (using the color Stick With Me) lasted a week with only two tiny chips. i didn't even use a topcoat! i was thrilled! how much better can it get? try it for yourself. Nic's Sticks are available in 24 shades of beautiful and retail for less than $8.

have fun and be fabulous!


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Anonymous said...

This is a definite need for this mama! Thanks!!