Tuesday, May 6, 2008

countdown to mother's day, part two

i don't know about you, but my mom isn't crafty, is not one for entertaining, and she's not a fan of cooking. so, as far as gift-giving goes, i stay away from all things associated with those things.

my mom wants jewelry, handbags or bath and body products. i can say the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, to be honest (but at least i like to cook!).

so this mother's day, you may be led to go in this direction. pamper her with things that will make her feel and look great! gifts like this Borghese Mother's Day Spa Serenity Set are great to give because she'll get a little bit of everything all in a fabulous straw bag just in time for summer.

what mom would turn down a trip to the spa? SpaFinder.com gift certificates are accepted at over 4,000 participating spas worldwide so she can choose her favorite after they receive their special gift, are redeemable for spa treatments, vacation experiences, spa products and more. gift certificates range from $50 to $1000, in increments of $25 to fit your budget.

my mom always seems to want my bag, so if i get her a bag (and i'm not saying if i am or not--she could read this!), it will be one that i would want for myself. kind of a hard thing to do, yes, because if you want it, then why not buy it for yourself and get her something else? if you can't do it, definitely go with a different gift. but i, on the other hand, know that my mom would be happy to know that i "sacrificed" a bag i loved to give her as a gift...

..but i could always just get one for me in a different color...hey, i'm a mom, too!


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Katie Bella said...

Every mom needs a new bag. NEEDS!!