Tuesday, May 6, 2008

countdown to mother's day, part two, continued

moms want things that sparkle, right? so what's stopping you from giving her what she wants?

don't think you have to take out a loan to spoil your mom with shimmer and shine (can you tell i'm trying really hard to avoid the word bling?). great simple necklaces, like the one at left, work especially if your mom isn't into showy

a more dramatic approach would be something like this chunky necklace. paired with a simple ensemble, the necklace really becomes the hightlight.

earrings that are more casual are more likely to be worn by mom. yes, traditional diamond studs and pearls are always welcomed, i'm sure, but if your momma is even a little up on trends, she'll love that you chose some fashion-forward (but not too trendy) earrings.

bangles are never out of style, and i you know that your mom wears them, these would be a perfect gift! make sure to pick original styles that she doesn't have.

have fun shopping for that fabulous mom of yours...


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