Friday, May 2, 2008

flattering colors for everyone: eyes

i think we have all experienced a twinge of fear when purchasing a product that we have never tried before or a product we are familiar with, but in a new shade.

will it look good on me? what if i don't like it? what is the stores policy on returning makeup?

there is nothing more reassuring than being able to shop for cosmetics and know the colors will work on you, especially when you have never tried them before. universally flattering colors do this. they are colors that look great on everyone, no matter what their skin tone.

the following is a short list of some fabulous, universally flattering eye shadow colors that i know will look great on you!

when choosing a green, look for a mossy tone like this one by Givenchy in Trendy Kaki, $23

if your looking for a blue or navy, choose one with rich royal blue tones, try Armani #1

nudes are generally a color that have a translucent texture and allow the natural color to show through making this one of the most popular colors. one to try, Laura Mercier Caramel

brown is another "safe" and popular color. look for warmer tones to flatter your dark or olive skin and to add a subtle contrast if you have fairer skin. try Make Up Forever eyeshadow in Coffee

gold eyeshadows should really be more bronzy, less yellow. try Du Wop eyeshadow duo in Chai

gray is an unexpected alternative to black. use an iridescent version that reflects light. this one, by Bourjois in Noir Cobalt, gives fair skin depth and looks beautiful on darker skin.

test eye shadow colors when you are able, and if you aren't, i hope that you will remember these tips...

...of course if you don't, check the store's return policy before buying.


shadow colors:
source: real simple

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