Monday, May 19, 2008

help for tired-looking skin

hello my dear readers,

today i'm going to disneyland! can you imagine? after the jam packed weekend i had? seems crazy, but i'm always up for a day at the happiest place on earth!

when i am sleep deprived, my skin doesn't look it's best. so what can be done to help liven up my, and possibly your, tired skin? here are some tips:

exfoliate-- get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. use a simple mix of sugar and water of use your favorite exfoliant.

give yourself a mask-- a soothing mask of yogurt and honey helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. trust me, your skin will love this!

moisturize-- moisture loss leaves skin looking dull. choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

treat your eyes-- make it a point to soothe tired-looking eyes by applying cucumber slices to your eyes. if they are not available, use a cold compress over your eyes. relax for ten minutes and you will see an amazing difference!

highlight-- highlighting helps to create an illuminizing effect on the skin, making it look "awake". light reflecting eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes, for example, brightens and opens the area up which is always a good thing.

continue with your normal makeup routine, but keep in mind that you are trying to create a healthy, glowing face. apply too much, and you'll only make your skin look more tired.

drink plenty of water, and of course, get some sleep!

have a fabulous day!


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