Thursday, May 15, 2008

summer fragrances

summer is just around the corner! i am so excited! not for the heat, but for all of the fun that comes with it...

there are so many different things that go on in the summer, so what better excuse do you have for finding a great new fragrance? summer is a great time to find a light, airy scent that won't hold you down or make you feel over-done...

here are some great scents to try out for the hot weather season:

Bath and Body Works Enchanted Orchid

i love this scent...i previewed it before it was released, and at the store when it launched. it was by accident, of course, because it got such a great response that the company released it early. rare calypso orchids are enhanced by violets and white irises...

Givenchy Very Irresistible

this limited edition scent is great for a girls night out! this light floral is a mix of pomegranate, star anise and sandalwood – with a mint leaf twist!

Stella McCartney Sheer Eau de Parfum
for the feminine fashion lover..this floral is a lighter version of her signature original. it's sheer delight and perfect for summer.

Vera Wang Bouquet Eau de Parfum
part of her signature bridal collection, Bouquet is a feminine and modern scent. perfect for your "i do's" or a special summer day.

Stila Mandarin Mist Eau de Parfum
if you are a fan of citrus scents, this light, sweet citrus-y scent will be perfect for your fun in the summer sun. (a little cheesy, i know...)

it's going to be a fabulous summer!


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Girl-Woman said...

Oh, the Bath and Body Works scent sounds like it's right up my alley. Have a great time in LA. We have Summit envy. We had to cancel at the last minute. Keep us updated. Thanks.