Thursday, May 15, 2008

Total Beauty's First Blogger Summit

i am so excited for Total Beauty's first ever beauty blogger summit in L.A. tomorrow, i will have the amazing opportunity to visit some beauty hot spots, including Anastasia, Kate Somerville, Murad, and L'Oreal at the Beverly Center. we will also be stopping at the Total Beauty Corporate offices to have head shots fun!

i am looking forward to the entire weekend, as it will be the first time, for most of us, to meet other Total Beauty and Beauty Blog Network beauty bloggers (wow, that's a mouthful!)

also, be on the lookout, on saturday, for my first stint at "live blogging". i will be learning about the future of makeup and eco-beauty, hearing from experienced beauty bloggers (including Tia Williams and Nadine Haobsh) and so many other things, but i don't want to spoil the fun! i will try to keep hourly updates going, so you can "join me" during my experience.

if you are a regular reader, thanks you for your loyalty. and if this is your first (or second or third) time visiting, i hope you will keep coming back! i would love to hear from you all!

here's to a fabulous weekend!


1 comment:

Beauty Tyrant said...

Ooh, I wished I could attend the Total Beauty summit too. Unfortunately for me, I can't make it. Anyhow, keep the updates coming