Wednesday, June 11, 2008

blog spotlight: Average Metro Joe

Average Metro Joe is a straight to the point, this-works-and-this-doesn't type of blog. and it should be, it's written by a guy! and in typical "guy" fashion, it's written in the way most men shop: go to the store, get what you need, buy it and leave. it's a great new perspective on the world of products-- hey, you might find out about some great items for the man in your life...

with blog post titles like, "Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton... Get Off My TV!" and "If you Grow It, Then Groom It", Trent writes in an honest style, and makes no apologies for being into skin and hair "stuff".

it's a fabulous blog, and still quite new, so head over and show some love to this new blogger!



Marsadie said...

I love his writing! Like you said, it's straight to the point and makes you laugh, too. Do you remember at the Total Beauty Summit when Dusty (hairdresser) exclaimed that we need a metrosexual blogger in our field! LOL I think Trent is IT.

Anyway, love your blog if I haven't told you already! You're all over my feed reader LOL.

monique said...

**i think you are a little bit biased when it comes to Trent, but that's to be expected. ;)

thank you for reading my blog!

Trent said...

Wow! Thanks Beautiful! I didn't expect this from anyone - I'm very honored. (you're my new best friend) I just linked you BTW.