Thursday, June 19, 2008

create a flawless face with Redpoint NOC-Out Cover-Up

Redpoint NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact helps me to hide what i don't want others to see, so a flawless looking face is mine everyday!

three distinctly different colored and textured concealers are housed in a sleek red compact. Red Guard (yellow) combats the appearance of facial redness, Spot Cover (salmon) helps reduce the look of age spots, freckles, bruises and veins, and Eye Disguise (beige) conceals dark circles and crow’s feet.

NOC-Out can be used on bare skin or after foundation to create the flawless face we all want, that is, if you don't already have it. i especially like the Spot Cover for my (finally fading) hyper-pigmentation spots, and the Red Gard is great for unsightly redness that i sometimes have when i get a blemish (sigh). i tried the Eye Disguise, and while the texture is great, i don't use it since i have no undereye darkness.

having three concealers in one fabulous and chic compact is so convenient. it takes up less space in the makeup bag, and you have them all in one place when you need them!

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