Friday, June 27, 2008

get ready: fanny packs are back...

Givenchy and Burberry sent luxurious versions of the hip-grazing bag down their spring runways, and then there were the hip, bag-wearing masses at april's Coachella music festival. thankfully, today's packs are different from the bulky butt bags of yore -- sleeker, more stylish, in endless colors and materials.

Target's version is particularly sharp at just $9.99: the canvas pack (refered to as a belt pack) nods to nautical prep with tan accents, white stitching and a contrasting striped belt.

Prada's smooth nylon version ($410) looks like a sleek utility belt and lies flat against the thigh.

a disco gold bag by Yana belt bag is no bigger than a cosmetics pouch and glimmers with anaconda skin -- it's $190.

so, the accessory that reminds me of tourists and old ladies has made a fahionable, chic comeback. this has been expected by me since, of course, everything comes back in some new, fresh way at some point.

fanny packs are made for summer. to avoid looking like a tourist, let your bag hang loose from your hips and position it to one side, letting the pouch graze the outermost corner of your upper thigh.


you won't need a fanny pack on a spa vacation!

Spas of America
photos: Spencer Weiner/Los Angeles Times
source: la times

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