Thursday, June 12, 2008

hair therapy: Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric and White Tea Polishing Milk

Shu Uemura, the hollywood makeup artist turned cosmetic legend, has a new fan.

i was introduced to two products in of the Art of Hair line recently, and i have been blown away.

if you have curly or wavy hair, Liquid Fabric is the product you should be using. it creates a beautiful look that lasts all day. i tried it out on my daughter, who has naturally curly/wavy hair. imagine an eight year-old at school all day-- at recess jumping rope, running, you name it-- this product was put to the test! and at the end of the day, her hair still looked fabulous. another great thing about Liquid Fabric: it can also be reactivated with a little water. hair looks shiny and doesn't feel stiff (i'll be trying this out during the summer to give my heat-styled hair a rest).

witnessing this product work so well made me even more curious as to how another product would work. White Tea Polishing Milk (pictured first on the left), that i tried on my own hair, is a formula designed for all hair types looking to create a smooth look. now technically, this is to be used on damp hair and blown dry with a brush. but i didn't actually use it that way.

while i do actually use a blow dryer to dry my hair (this is done without a brush- it just helps dry up the water), i use my flat iron to do all of the work. so, once all of my hair was dry, i styled my hair as usual. i was amazed (again) by the effectiveness of this product. my hair dried quickly with the blow dryer, and it really helped to prep my hair for the flat iron. my hair was smooth and shiny...fabulous!

the Art of Hair line consists of many products and these two are definite standouts!




Girl-Woman said...

I love the minimalistic look of the product, too. Thanks.

monique said...

i love the packaging, too!