Monday, June 16, 2008

review: Lavilin Deodorant Cream

rather than preventing sweat, Lavilin Hypo-allergenic Deodorant Cream kills the bacteria that causes body odor.

how could this be possible, you ask? the arnica and calendula in Lavilin help to do it-- eliminating the bacteria resulting in a long-lasting, aluminum and alcohol free deodorant that works for days to keep you smelling fresh. apply it at night with your fingers, shower or wash off in the morning, and only re-apply when needed again - which for some people can take up to seven days!

i have had great experience with this product, and i think it really is a fabulous innovation. i was nervous at first, thinking i was risking being embarrassed if it didn't work, but even after three or four showers, i still didn't have any odor. i applied it again after five days.

i think this is a great product to have, especially with the hot, busy days ahead. who wants to think about applying deodorant everyday, anyway? at least it's one less thing to think about.

this is also available in a formula just for foot odor, and works just as well.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Monique!

yummy411 said...

wow! i have to look into this as i'd rather buy at a store than to order off line... thanks!