Monday, July 28, 2008

it's not a diet, it's Sensa

i was introduced to Sensa at the Total Beauty blogger summit back in may. Dr. Alan Hirsch developed this system to be the alternative to diets.

while i don't typically write about food, dieting or weight loss here, i am going to step out of my box and share the experience i have been having with this product that may be of interest to you.

Sensa is not a diet. it's not even an eating plan. there's no calorie counting, carb cutting or sugar reducing. in fact, users of Sensa are asked to change nothing in regards to what they eat when they begin using it.

so what is it anyway?

Sensa is actually Tastants- in the form of sprinkles- that work to enhance the smell and taste of you food. by enhancing flavor, Sensa Tastants help to enable the brain-stomach connection and trigger the "feel full" signal.

when i have explained to those who have seen me "sprinkle" my food what these Tastants are supposed to do, the first question i get is, "is it working?"

my answer, "yes it is."

i have been using Sensa now for two months, and just started month three. with six months total in this program, the average weight loss to those in the clinical trial has been about thirty pounds.

while i don't expect to lose that much weight, i have found my clothes now fitting looser and the scale is weighing me 5 pounds less. i know, 5 pounds in two months isn't alot, but really if you think about it, i didn't change anything, so it really is a good thing! i am feeling full sooner, and able to go without snacking between meals (that is a huge deal for me!).

i plan to use this the entire system through until the end, so stay tuned as i will update you at the end of each month with my results!

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How's this working out for you??? Did you lose a lot of weight???