Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nars Fall 2008 Update!

just a couple of days ago, i shared with you that Nars would be releasing thier fall collection. i didn't have pics, but now i do!

and to add to the excitement, it will be released two weeks early!

so here it is for you, my dear readers:

for cheeks:

Dolce Vita Blush-a dusty rose


Fez Single Eyeshadow- velvety cocoa

Isolde Duo Eyeshadow- frosted ginger & shimmering copper

Cordura Duo Eyeshadow- shimmering warm rich brown & shimmering sooty dark brown


Beautiful Liar Lipstick
- sheer spiced coral

SeƱorita Lipstick
- sheer shimmering cherry blossom

Female Trouble Lip Gloss
- lilac mauve


Rebell Yell Nail Polish
- dusty pomegranate

find all of these products at on july 15th, 2008!

photos courtesy of nars cosmetics

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