Monday, August 18, 2008

beauty: what's your look?

we all have our i-know-i-look-my-best-this-way face. i know i look best with a heavier eye. it seems that anytime i attempt to do a lighter eye and dark lips, it just doesn't seem to "gel" with me (and my hsband looks at me!)

when it comes to makeup, what is your best look?

Penelope Cruz loves her black eyeliner and nude lips.

Charlize Theron sometimes likes to bring more attention to her lips.

Kerry Washington models the fresh-face: pink cheeks and lips. eyes are lightly defined, but nothing is overdone.

so, what is your look? do you prefer a heavier eye and shear lip, vice versa or are you more of a fresh-faced gal?



Tammy M said...

I am definitely a smoky eye/nude lip kinda girl. Although I am eyeing the new darker lips for fall/winter....not sure how I will pair that up yet though.

Toya said...

I have two looks that I rock regularly: neutral eyes and lips with a bright cheek or pretty bare face with bright lips.