Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carlos Santana ventures in to handbag design

Carlos Santana has some fabulous shoes on the market. i'm always pleasantly surprised when i see them. it was announced recently that he will expand the line into handbags.

well, if his bags are anywhere near as cute as his shoes, it will be a hit. at least to me! haha...

Santana told WWD, "as an artist, i’m inspired by style, color and passion. i have found that it is wonderful to celebrate those qualities — which i most often express in my music— through fashion."

Carlos by Carlos Santana, will launch the very colorful line of totes, purses, and shoulder bags at Macy’s stores this fall, consisting of all faux-leather pieces retailing between $79 and $119. in spring 2009, he'll introduce the all-leather Carlos Santana Gold line, which will retail between $60 and $135. a Carlos Santa Platinum line of ultra-luxe varieties is still in development.


photo: latina.com

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