Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eva La Rue's Beauty Secrets

back in the spring when the fam and i took one of our many Disneyland trips (so thankful for passes!), i spotted Eva La Rue sitting on a bench talking to some friends.

me thinking to myself: is...that..?

me still thinking: no way! i have to say something...what do i say?

so i turn to hubby and tell him, Eva La Rue is sitting right over there!

now mind you we're walking, and soon enough we pass her. i can't just let a photo op pass me by! i had watched this gorgeous woman play Maria on AMC, co-host the show Modern Girl's Guide to Life and now she's on one of my favorite shows, CSI: Miami!

so we circled around, and like a dork, i ran into one of the shops. hubby is not shy, so he said, Monique, come on, what are you doing? if you think it's her, just go say hi...

to myself: hubby is never shy, juts pretend you never are either...

so i muscled up some of my old acting chops (i studied acting in high school and was a theater major in college) and did it...

and she was so gracious, and not the least bit intimidating. she looked amazing, of course, and i was so happy i didn't stay in the shop.


so here's the pic:

now find out how she stays looking so incredible! here's an article of her fabulous beauty secrets that i found on beautyinterviews.com


pic taken by hubby :)


Tales of a Diva Housewife said...

Monique- you both look gorgeous!

Toya said...

How cool!

monique said...

tiff- thank you!

toya- it was very cool! my mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw the pic...she's a fan of Eva, too. :)