Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun game: identify the celebrity nails

when it comes to your nails, do you keep them short, long, polished, not polished?

i personally always have something on my nails. if they are bare, i at least have a clear coat on them. polished, well manicured nails are for your hands like mascara is for eyes, in my opinion. it really just gives a pretty compliment to your hands, not to mention, makes them look better!

check out this game, and see if you can figure out which celebs keep their nails looking fab, and which ones look like they could care less... content:

Trendy, Tacky and Wacky Celebrity Nails

Think You Know Who's Who? Play this beauty game by matching celebrities to their hands, from chipped polish to crazy acrylic nail designs

Trendy, Tacky and Wacky Celebrity Nails

We often check out celebrities' hair and makeup but we don't always think to look at their nails. Turns out we should be paying more attention. Here we bust stars wearing everything from extra long and red faux nails (yikes!) to short and dark chipped polish. We even discovered a nail biter in the group. Test your knowledge and see how well you can pair the celebrity to her nails.

Guess the nails


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