Saturday, August 30, 2008

hair therapy: great hairstyles for heart and triangular shaped faces

heart face shapes

your pointy chin tends to be the focal point of your face.

most stylish and flatering hairstyles: draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones instead with sideswept bangs, brow-grazing fringe, a strong part and hair that falls at or below your jawline. if you have short hair, keep top layers soft and long. if it's long hair you keep, go for long layers that graze your cheekbones.

avoid: Short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers.

celebs who share your face shape: Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Ziyi Zhang

triangular face shape

the reverse of the heart-shape-- a dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone and temples.

most stylish and flattering hairstyles: shorter hair that balances your prominent jaw line. try styles that are full at the temples and taper at the jaw. keep parts off center. you need lots of layers to achieve fullness through the upper part of your face. by wearing styles which are full at the temples and taper at the jaw line, you achieve a balance which can be remarkable, in accenting features otherwise understated. tucking hair behind your ears will draw attention to your eyes and add width in this area.

: super-long, full hair styles that draw attention to jaw line or too much height at the crown. try to stay away from putting most of the weight of a haircut at the jaw if you want to keep your hair long, it should be kept tight at the nape of the neck.

celebs with triangular face shapes: Kathy Ireland



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