Monday, August 18, 2008

hair therapy: *new* African Pride Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner

two new products have been launched from the African Pride hair line:

African Pride Herbal Healing Shampoo is formulated to give healing results with 17 herbs and oils that will restore and revitalize hair. ingredients like jojoba, nettle and rose hips add intense conditioning, while sweet almond, burdock and echinecea protect.

i found this shampoo to be completely different than anything i have ever used. by that i mean, you can actually see the herbs in the bottle and they come out in the shampoo! the smell is a mix of the herbs with floral scents, which i can't say was the most pleasant. i did love the shampoo however, and so i think that made up for it. it wasn't too "foamy", and it rinsed out nicely. i loved the way my hair felt after i had rinsed!

African Pride Herbal Healing Leave-in Conditioner, like the Shampoo, contains 17 herbs and oils. it claims to reduce breakage, improve manageability and heal damaged hair. while i preferred the smell of this better, it took me awhile to get the application just right.

when i used it for the first time, i thought i had used too much. my hair was really weighed down. i was also a bit turned off by the fact that i was leaving those bits of herbs in my hair (no, they didn't dissolve). the next time i used less, but i was experiencing the same thing. i figured it was too much oil. my hair wasn't airy or bouncy. so i tried it again, first as a pre-shampoo treatment (that i applied after i wet my hair and left in for about five minutes) and then as a deep conditioning treatment (left in for five minutes after i shampooed). the pre-shampoo treatment worked out to be the best for me.

overall, these are good products and i know many women will benefit by using them. find both products at a drugstore near you.


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