Saturday, August 2, 2008

Harper's Bazaar launches new Magazine: Runway Report

i read about this a little more than a week ago on Fashion Week Daily, and the next day it was in my mailbox...weird.

i did some research and found out why it was sent to me...

that aside, i was more than excited to receive it (i would have bought it!), and dove right in...

so what is Runway Report?

it's a fabulous new publication from Harper's Bazaar (it hit the newstands on july 29) that brings even more comprehensive coverage of fall fashion- the strongest runway looks, the top trends, innovative makeup looks, the music musts, everything you need to know to prepare for the fall season.

it also divides each collection by city and designer, is edited by Harper's Bazaar fashion news and features director Kristina O'Neill, and in a word, is phenomenal!

"we found that there was still so much more we wanted to say about the clothes, and so many more looks that we wanted to highlight from each show," O'Neill said. "we know our readers love clothes, and this is really a full report on what we saw at the shows, and what they are going to want to be wearing as soon as the weather cools."

she says on her editor's letter, "..just as these fabulous clothes are hitting the stores, all of is at your fingertips in one easy, grab-and-go magazine. so peel off your post-its, or dog ear your favorite pages..."

i've already started!

Runway Report
retails for $6.95 and will be on newstands until november 1.


only 3 days left! keep clicking here:
Spas of America

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