Monday, August 11, 2008

iQ Derma RestorEyes Firming Eye Therapy

who isn't on the hunt for the perfect "it" product that will give them the most beautiful, have-never-lost-a-minute-of-sleep wide awake eyes ever?

yeah, that's what i thought...

i've been reading about RestorEyes Firming Eye Therapy on a few other blogs, and kept telling myself, "i have to start using mine, i have to start using mine"....but it never happened. until a couple of weeks ago that is.

so here i am with "what took me so long to use this" going through my head every time i apply this lovely eye cream.

just to be clear, i didn't doubt the fabulessness of the product from iQ Derma, the same brand that makes that amazing cellulite firming gel, and also calls Intelligent Beauty home (Redpoint and Raw Beauty products do as well), i just had so many other things to test out before it.

so moving along...this eye cream work great! i don't know how well it works for wrinkles or dark circles, since i have neither, but i can tell you this made the skin around my eyes look smooth and hydrated while keeping the puffiness away. i have been staying up late way too much lately (i seem to be going through this i-can't-fall-asleep-even-though-i'm-exhausted sort of thing, so i end up staying up writing or reading, then don't get to bed until "past my bedtime"), but i don't look like i have! i love the fact that a little goes a long way (i love when products do that!) because, i'll be honest, the price isn't cheap. but, as i always say, if you do the math, it really is worth the price just because you will have, and use it, for a long time. and the best part of it all is you'll have well-rested looking eyes!

find iQ Derma ResorEyes at and



Kacy said...

I would say everyone is on the hunt for such a product. However if actions were taken to help prevent premature wrinkles and puffy eyes - it would lessen the numbers for those looking for solutions so early

Beauty Tyrant said...

Ooh, I'm always on the lookout for good eye creams. ALWAYS am interested in eye creams. I'll have to try this out. Sounds really promising

Trent said...

I was looking for the perfect pic for this long overdue review, and FYI, Google images had you as the second 1. So, I borrowed the pic. You can have it back when I'm done. Thanks! ;)

monique said...

Trent--LOL! no problem!