Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Max Factor MAXeye Shadows

on a drugstore run a couple of weeks ago, i decided to pick up a Max Factor MAXeye Shadow. this set of three shadows are designed to work together to give the user the ability to apply it dry for a silky-sweet day look, or wet for those bold diva nights. they are developed for mix 'n match fabulousness, and engineered for MAXimum results.

being that i love to play up my eyes, i chose the Mint Condition set which consists of green tones. one is light, like mint, one is an olive green and the middle shade is a beautiful hunter green.

these worked beautifully and i really enjoyed the fact that they applied so easily. the colors are pretty true when applied, and even deeper when used wet. my only complaint is they are so close together. i have to swipe the color very carefully if i only want to use one shade.

Max Factor MAXeye Shadaow are available in 20 shades and can be found at a drugstore near you.



Katie said...

Glad everything worked beauifully for you. I stick with browns because I like the color which is wrong because it is about what suits at the end of the day.

ashleigh said...

I have a bunch of these eyeshadows and I really like them. But I have to agree that the colors being so close can be a problem. I haven't tried the one that you have here yet, so now I feel like I should go get it! :)

I received my package of Sensa today, by the way, and I cannot wait to get started! Thank you again!!

-Ashleigh M.