Friday, August 29, 2008

my favorite drugstore beauty buys 8.29.08

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

thanks to all of you who took the time to share your fabulous drugstore beauty buys last week! i was so encouraged!

this last week i've been having to play around with my hair as i have decided to just let it grow out. i'm not going to get it fixed (doing that would require going shorter), and while the thought of having extensions put in the front of my hair crossed my mind, i thought it best to just scratch the idea. my hair has always grown relatively fast and i would rather just leave it alone and do the best with what i've got.

so what's up with the beauty buys this week? well, i've included some old favs, and one has received and upgrade...

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Mascara was the mascara i loved in high school. mainly because it gave me fabulous lashes that were not only fuller but longer, and it was water-resistant without being the least bit hard to remove. i remember getting ready for school at my friend's house most mornings sophomore year (we lived up the street from each other), and she would use it in black brown while i of course used black. TLC's album Crazysexycool was always playing...

Jergens Original Scent Cherry-Almond Moisturizer was the lotion of choice for me as a child. who am i kidding? i only used it because that's what my mom loved using. i eventually grew to love the scent and the way this formula left my skin feeling moisturized without being sticky. now i still can't get enough of it even though there are other lotions i prefer to use more regularly.

Aussie Deeeeep 3 Minute Miracle Moisture is like an upgrade from the original. while the Original 3 Minute Miracle is fabulous, for me, this is even better. i never feel like i have over conditioned. my hiar is left feeling light and soft, and my hair loves it!

next week i'm bringing you some brand new drugstore products that i am sure you will be excited to hear about!


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