Tuesday, August 5, 2008

now in stores: Botkier for Target

Botkier can easily be described as functional-chic at it's best. with many, many fans, and unfortunately fakes, a Botkier bag is in a class all it's own.

when i think of these bags, i think of great details, with a modern edge and overall a functionality.

but lets be honest. while Botkier bags are priced just below the high-end bracket, not everyone can afford them. well never fear, now you can get your own thanks to Target.

if you haven't already noticed, Botkier for Target is already in stores. i was so excited to see these, i had to point it out to hubby. he was a little impressed, although not as excited as i (go figure).

in any case, these specially designed bags are affordable and look amazing. i really think this is the best designer "designer" bag line Target has done so far. some Botkier lovers, though, feel they look too close to the original line, but in a terrible fake material.

i see that the details are there, like the Botkier zipper, and yes the materials are different, but these bags are certainly special.

Botkier for Target is in stores now and online at target.com

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