Monday, August 11, 2008

personal style

this is the article i wrote for The Be Ready Lounge's Smile Beauty Week (unfortunately, the site will be closing on august 15):

in our world of trendiness, it can be easy to get caught up, and lose sight of who we really are in regards to style.

i have always had the opinion that it is best to find what works on your own body, stick to it, and as each season presents its dozens of trends, figure out what you like. try it on for size, and if it doesn't work, leave it. when you find something you do like, buy one or two pieces to add to your wardrobe or accessory collection, and you'll be current.

trends aren't meant to stick around, that is why they are called trends. timeless looks are those that allow us to build on so as not to find ourselves standing in the closet wondering, why don't i have anything to wear?

of course standing out is essential to most of us, and personal style is how we define ourselves without saying a word.

so how do we do this?

first, think about your life. are you dressing for it, or are you dressing as though you are someone else? that is not to say that you have to dress like a bum because you don't have a job, or in ill fitting clothes because you don't have anywhere special to go. choose clothes that are practical for you, but with a twist.

give yourself permission to express yourself through your clothing and makeup choices. be bold, experiment. find out what colors flatter you best. do you really look amazing wearing a bright lip color? wear it! do you have a flair for shoes? stick to basic clothing and make those your focal point.

i personally am a huge fan of skirts and dresses, bags, heels and earrings. i never wear short-shorts or mini-skirts. flats aren't really my favorite, and if an article of clothing comes in pink, mauve or plum, i'm all over it. i am fond of my eyes, so i like to play them up. i wear my hair full of waves and curls most days, and when it comes to accessories, if i have to choose one, i'll pick earrings over a necklace.

when it comes to style, let trends inspire you, not rule over you. dress the body you have, and dress it as best as you can afford. it may take some time, so be patient, and don't forget to have fun and be fabulous!

what is your personal style? what do you do to make sure you stand out?


photo: impulse boutique

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Leeann said...

Great article, fabulous tips. I think my personal stye would be a piece of something old-fashioned with my wardrobe-whether it be pearls or argyle.