Saturday, August 16, 2008

review: Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Body Lotion.

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Body Lotion was created not only to give skin moisture, but also to give it a defense against free radical damage. by infusing it with vitamin C, an amazing antioxidant that does the defending, the skin is able to build itself up and remain strong. it also contains something called Torricelemn, a moisturizing compound that includes kelp and other vitamins and minerals, that was developed by Elizabeth Grant herself and is found in many of her products.

this lotion, with it's light citrus smell (love it!), is actually quite luxurious without being too up-ity. it absorbs quickly, and my skin loves it! it has been the lotion i reach for on my nightstand the most lately, and not just because i planned on reviewing it-- i will keep using this until it's gone!

my only issue is the packaging, a mustard yellow tube that looks a bit dated. nothing too exciting to look at. other than that, this is really good stuff. so remember, it's what's on the inside that counts!

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