Tuesday, August 5, 2008

review: Global Goddess Beauty South Pacific Shimmer

like most bronzers, Global Goddess Beauty South Pacific Shimmer works to give skin a glow.

what is different about this product is that it goes beyond being just a bronzer and really works as a multi-tasking porduct. as an eyeshadow, as a blush substitute and as a highlighter, this is a great works-for-everyday type of product!

the first time i used it, it was very shimmery. that is only because of the beautifully swirled silver design on the first layer. after that, the shimmer is subtle and very flatering.

infused with aloe, South Pacific Shimmer carries skin benefits like all of the Global Godess Beauty products. no wonder this product is a favorite in the beauty industry (i hear it is a favorite of SJP as well)!

find South Pacific Shimmer at globalgoddessbeauty.com


photo taken by me :)

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