Monday, August 4, 2008

review: it! cosmetics Abs in a Box kit

it! Cosmetics hit the Today show creating a buzz around thier Abs in a Box, and other body makeup kits, recently.

we all should know by now that makeup is used to create illusions to define and highlight parts of the face and body. now it has been brought to the public, so every man and woman can "sculpt" themselves without plastic surgery.

ok, let's be realistic. we all know that there are limitations to this. i mean think about it. if your not in the best shape, then you're not going to get away with walking around with a made up six pack. you can however, create the illusion of a slimmer midsection.

the Abs in a Box kit seemed a bit cheesy to me when i first heard about it. after using it, i could see that, yes, the techniques were good, and if it were my desire to show off my stomach, then maybe i might use it. i am happy with the way my stomach looks on its own so really, this isn't for me.

i think the kit would be great for models working on a portfolio, anyone appearing on television in a bikini or tummy baring dress, and makeup artists who want to give their subjects more ab definition.

overall, the makeup itself that comes in the kit is good. even the powders are waterproof, so the user can be confident their abs will stay in place if they decide to get wet. from what i have read in reviews from women who use this regularly, they love it! there is also a kit for men, so i assume it works just as well.

want to see more? check out the Today Show segment:

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Anonymous said...

i have the "my beautiful breasts" kit by It Cosmetics. it's same concept as abs in a box, but you can create illusion of cleavage, larger/smaller bust, etc. i absolutely love it!! never wear low cut shirt or bikini without it anymore. thnx for ur review!! excited to try abs kit as well.