Monday, August 4, 2008

review: Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Eye Cream

if you're looking for a fabulous eye cream, but need to know its good for you, Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Eye Cream just might the one you've been looking for!

this fabulous little tube houses an all-natural, better-than-organic blend of ingredients, including euphrasia and arnica (to relieve inflammation).

i love the high moisturization (my spellcheck doesn't like this word) of this cream, and let me tell you, a little goes a long way! so if you compare price to the amount of product you get, it really is a great value-- you will have this product for a lo-oo-ng time.

i like that this eye cream is so moisturizing, but if i used too much it didn't absorb well, so be careful! plus, you really don't want to waste any. it's better to apply a little at a time rather than apply too much. i would say the size of a small pea would work for both eyes (of course, this is my own personal experience, you might like to use more or less). it keeps my eyes from becoming puffy and it leaves my eyes looking bright with no darkness in sight-- hey, i made a rhyme!

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