Monday, August 11, 2008

amazing promotion: Share some SPF with your BFF!

i was honestly floored when i personally received a call from Lisa Hoffman's "people" saying they wanted to do this just for you!

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Share Some SPF With Your BFF is a fabulous promotion created just for you courtesy of Lisa Hoffman!

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just because summer is over doesn't mean you should stop using your spf, so why not take this opportunity to try Lisa Hoffman's Day Cream SPF 15 (a $75 value) for FREE?!!!

*****UPDATE: thank you to everyone who has sent in emails regarding this promotion! it was completely successful. unfortunately there was only a limited amount of product to send out, and that supply is now out of stock. be sure to check back for future promotions here on my blog from Lisa Hoffman and others. thank you :)

you read right! get your own Lisa Hoffman Day Cream SPF 15... for you... and a friend! just follow these simple steps:

*send an email to

*be sure the subject line reads "Friend of Monique"

*please include your name, email address and shipping information of you and the friend you want to receive the complimentary Day Cream.

*for every Day Cream shipped, a special note will be included to let your friend know that you personally requested them to receive it-- what could be more special?

*offer valid while supplies last

Lisa Hoffman Day Cream is part of the 'Night & Day' skincare collection that has become a favorite among beauty editors, consumers and yours truly.

so why are you still here?

come back after you send that email. i'll be here.

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JennBee said...

So is this totally free or what? Wow... I can't believe how cool that is! :)

Karen said...

WOW! What a great deal. Is this totally free? What about shipping? Is there a big shipping charge?

monique said...

jennbee-- yep, totally FREE! yes, it's very cool :)

karen--it is totally FREE! just follow the instructions, and that's it! NO shipping charges! :)

Telecia said...

Thanks Monique for letting us know about the giveaway. This is awesome!!!!

monique said...

telecia-- you're very welcome!

Telecia said...

Both my friend and I received our packages today. I can't believe it is full size. Thanks again!!!!

Good luck with your hair coloring party.

Anonymous said...

thank you, i just got one for my friend and i to share we live togather and i did not think they ould send 2 to the same address. can't wait for us to get it.

Suzi Merritt said...

Great idea. I requested 2 samples, one for my mom who already has basal cell carcinoma and has had one instance of squamous cell carcinoma and the other for me. I also stated in my email that if just one sample was available to send it to my mom instead.

What a wonderful free giveaway for the general skin health of anyone!


Anonymous said...


What a GREAT GIVEAWAY,,,can't wait to recieve it and try it...
Thanks Again can I actually request two?????

Pennie said...

Thanks Monique!! I can't wait to try your product. I hope it arrives soon so that I can tell all my friends