Monday, September 29, 2008

Are Primers Worth Using?

i personally love primer. i use a primer everyday and i've learned that when i don't, my makeup just doesn't look too good come midday.

find out if you need a primer in this very informative piece from Total Beauty: content:

Makeup Primer: Worth the Extra Step?

Find out if they make a visible difference

Makeup Primer: Worth the Extra Step?

Pro makeup artist Molly Stern says primers are meant to serve as a layer between skin and foundation to create a more even surface. But not everyone needs them. "The best candidate for them would be someone who is very oily or has a lot of scarring from acne," she says. But do primers actually make a difference? We had two women of different ages each test a top foundation primer geared toward their skin type. Find out if their makeup looked better ... and if anyone noticed.

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tell me: do you use a makeup primer? why or why not?



Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

I disagree that primers are primarily for those with oily skin. They can be used for all types of skin - depending on the primer, of course. As an example, I have a silk & pearl powdered primer formulated for each skin type. No matter which skin type you have, the silk and pearl will hydrate your skin and absorb excess oils at the same time, in addition to providing essential amino acids and calcium. It can give a more matte finish to your makeup, and pearl powder helps soothe rosacea, evens out skin discolorations, and the allantoin helps stimulate cell regeneration. So not only are you hiding imperfections like reducing the appearance of pores, you're providing your skin with some much needed nourishment!

monique said...

wow, that sounds so wonderful, and really like something every woman could benefit from! thanks for sharing this robyn! :)

ashleigh said...

I don't use a primer so far because I have yet to experiment and find one that suits me. However, with all of this talk about how great they are, I feel like I should get out there and try a few different kinds!

monique said...

oh, you absolutely should ashleigh! in most cases, you can pick up samples from department stores or specialty stores like sephora. you can also find primers at the drugstore, but no samples. primers come in such a wide range of brands and formulas, you'll have no problem finding one for your skin type and budget. :)