Thursday, September 4, 2008

hair therapy: The Hana Elite Flat Iron

Hana is the maker of the latest ceramic flat iron i have had the opportunity to test out.

so what is the difference between this particular flat iron (called the Elite) and the ones i have used in the past? it's 100% ceramic!

flat irons are something i feel every girl should have. regardless of how often you use it, chances are you will need one at some point, and when it comes to choosing a flat iron my recommendation is always to invest in a ceramic one. i had no idea that a 100% ceramic flat iron even existed, so finding out this tidbit of information made me curious...

i was impressed to find it came in it's own heat safe travel case and had it's own heat proof silicone mat (very cool), but using this 1", adjustable heat iron was even better!

as i used it i noticed it was smoothly running over my hair, i never had to pull or tug on it, and it seemed as though my hair reacted better-- it really straightened out faster and curled quicker. my hair was super shiny and held whatever style i gave it!

the best thing about The Hana Elite is the price. the only other 100% ceramic flat iron in the world costs about $450, while the Elite costs less than half that amount! Hana has given us normal folks the opportunity to have a luxury hair item at an affordable price. and in these times, that is a fabulous thing! is the only place to purchase these flat irons, so visit today for more information.



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