Monday, September 22, 2008

Keep Your Brows in Place with Anastasia Brow Gel

i have never been one to use anything to keep my brows in place. i never thought i really needed it since i don't have very dense, unruly brows, but when i was given Anastasia Brow Gel, i figured it wouldn't hurt to try it!

i have heard many wonderful things about it ("it doesn't flake", "it keeps brows in place all day" "it's a must-have!"), and since it's made by the brow guru herself, i had high expectations.

i wasn't disappointed! this stuff works great!

i love that this is as easy to apply as it is to brush through my brows, and if i have to add more brow color after the gel has dried, it doesn't flake off. i also noticed that my brows weren't left stiff, but managed to stay in place all day. even after rubbing my brows (on purpose, of course), i still found there was no flaking!

so if you've been searching for a brow gel that doesn't flake and still keeps your brows in place, definitely give Anastasia Brow Gel a try!

available in 3 colors, Clear, Blonde and Brunette, you can find Anastasia Brow Gel at Sephora stores and online at


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