Thursday, September 11, 2008

Makeup, Nails and Hairstyle Trends for Fall 2008

i love new seasons! they offer us "beauty girls" a chance to change up our look or tweak our signature look so we can have an updated version of ourselves. click below to find out how you can incorporate the latest trends into your personal routine: content:

Fall 2008 Makeup, Nail and Hairstyle Trends

How to use products from brands like MAC and Bumble and bumble to replicate the hottest runway looks, from dark lips to sleek updos

Fall 2008 Makeup, Nail and Hairstyle Trends

This fall, the biggest trend in clothing is texture, from the smoothness of varnish to the multidimensional surface of tweed. Look for the same trends to appear in makeup and hair on celebrities and in magazine ads, giving you plenty of fun new options to try. Pick your favorites here and start experimenting.

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