Wednesday, September 3, 2008

review: iQ Derma Clear Remedy

a new collection of products geared at treating acne has been introduced by iQ derma.

the Clear Remedy system was designed to be a better alternative to the Proactive system.

i personally have used Proactive in the past, and my biggest complaints were, 1. it completely dehydrated my skin, and 2. my acne didn't get any better.

so when i was given the opportunity to try out Clear Remedy, i knew i had something to compare it to.

for the last four weeks, i have been using the three step system of Clear Remedy: Purifying Cleanser, Acne Treatment Lotion and the Hydrating Lotion.

here's my synopsis:

the Purifying Lotion never dried out my skin.

the first time using this, i continued to rinse my skin, eyes closed, thinking it wasn't rinsed off completely. i thought, what is going on with this stuff? turns out it was rinsed off, but my skin was so soft, i didn't even realize it!

the Acne Treatment Lotion not only fights blemishes but keep oil under control.

this treatment lotion goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. the scent isn't strong and two pumps is enough to cover your entire face. i noticed that i had less oil on my face as the day continued, so less blotting was needed-- always a fabulous thing!

the Hydrating Lotion feels like silk.

after applying this moisture step, i know my skin is happy! it is left silky smooth without being greasy, and i have a nice, dewy glow.

overall, this is a great system! i found my skin is looking better, not only because i have less breakouts, but because it is being constantly hydrated! i love this stuff!

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Clear said...

Clear Remedy is a fairly good acne solution. I've known a few people that had some good results with it. It may be a little expensive but its well worth the money.

Meghann Schumann said...

I agree completely! I have been using it for a week. I get facials every 5 weeks and yesterday my esthetician made the comment about how much better my skin looked! I also use it in junction with Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant What a difference! My skin is less oily...they acne is clearing up fast and I am so happy! I know it is expensive but so worth the money.

Anonymous said...

I just starting using iQ, I haven't seen any changes and my skin is oily after the hydrating lotion..:( can't wear makeup.

Anonymous said...

I've used the IQ Derma products for about 6 months and LOVE THEM! If your face feels oily, you may be using too much. You only need a TINY bit of the hydrating lotion. My skin has never felt or looked so great. I'm sold!